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“My 17 year old daughter started taking guitar lessons from Paul about 3 years ago with virtually no idea how to play. She was very comfortable with his relaxed personality from the beginning. Although she is a typical teenager who often forgets to practice she never complains about going to her weekly lessons. I have been pleasantly surprised by her enthusiasm. She has made a great deal of progress and is now beyond passionate about folk and ‘60s and ‘70’s rock. We have found a common ground to share which isn’t always easy with kids this age.”

B.W., Danville

“Paul is, simply put, an outstanding music teacher!

Our daughter has had the good fortune of learning to play guitar with him over the last 5 years. We have consistently been impressed by how much she not only progresses, but truly enjoys learning. Paul uses humor, enthusiasm and a great sense of fun, while at the same time instilling the fundamentals of a well-rounded and complete musical education.

As a teenager now, she continues to enjoy her growing musical skill and has even added vocals!

Thank you so much Paul for giving our daughter the gift of music! : )

J.P., Pleasanton

“Paul Keyes has been an amazing musical influence on our 6 year old son. We weren’t sure whether our son was old enough to enjoy and stay committed to guitar. But Paul is fantastic with kids and finds ways to encourage and make practice and learning fun. We’ve been with Paul over a year and a half and it has been wonderful to see the progress and the enjoyment it brings our son.

Thank You Paul!

R.E., Danville


I just wanted to thank you so much for your continued instruction. Since I started taking guitar lessons a year and a half now, I’m enjoying it more each day. Considering I couldn’t even play a single chord when I first started with you, and now I can play songs from my books is truly remarkable. Learning to play guitar, and venturing into how music works is nothing short of amazing, and the way you’re able to convey it to me in a way I can understand is excellent.

You continuously challenge me week to week with your lessons, but not to a point where I leave overwhelmed, and have a feeling like, I’ll never get this. Even the few times I have gotten frustrated with a particular new technique, you keep me grounded, and remind me where I started, and just hang in there.

Also thank you for your piano instruction for my daughter Cassie. Since she started taking lessons with you a little ver a year ago, she’s really done well. Thanks for being so patient, and kind with her. I’m sure it’s not easy to teach an 11 year old, and keep them focused, and challenged. One of our neighbors gave her a huge compliment when she saw that Cassie could actually read music.

The one thing I think I’m most grateful for is being able to learn together with my daughter. I know the teen years are right ahead, and that’s when most kids won’t want to hang out with mom and dad, but as we go down this journey of learning to play together, we will forever have a special connection, and a bond that no amount of money could ever buy.

Best regards,

Chris, Pleasanton