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Piano Lessons

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Practice, practice! 

Private Piano Lessons – All Styles

  • All ages – normally five years old is the youngest that a child can begin to learn to play piano. From the age of five, the child should practice about ten minutes a day. What matters the most are the number of days that he or she is practicing–consistency is key. Students eight years old and older should practice at least 20-30 minutes a day.
  • Open to adults of any level, and any style from classical, to jazz, rock, and pop piano.
  • The best approach to learning to play the piano is to cover three vital areas of musicianship:
    1. Is the ability to sight read music. This is analogous to reading the written word. The better one can read the faster one comprehends and learns.
    2. Is the study of theory, which includes the study of rhythm, timing, dynamics and interpretation.
      Playing music that is interesting to the student. This helps to motivate the student to continue practicing.
    3. Beginner level piano lessons incorporate sight-reading music and learning basic theory, as well as repertoire while incorporating music that the student enjoys.
  • Intermediate level includes sight reading, scales, theory and how it applies to interpreting a piece of music. Expanding the repertoire that the student wishes to play.
  • Advanced level involves more intensive technical and theoretical materials as well as repertoire.
  • Weekly 45-minute or one-hour piano lessons are available. This also means the student will be practicing 45 minutes to one hour daily.
  • More information about piano lessons is available by phoning the The Music Studio between 10am and 6pm Monday through Friday at (925) 234-2036.