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Guitar Lessons


Learning to play the guitar is fun!

Private Guitar Lessons – All Musical Styles

  • All ages: Normally, six years old is the youngest that a child can begin guitar lessons. From the age of 6 and 7, I recommend that children practice about 10 minutes a day. What matters the most are the number of days. I recommend that students eight years old and above practice a minimum of 20-30 minutes a day. Again, what matters the most are the number of days per week that your child practices.
  • Open to adults of any level and style of guitar. I teach classical guitar as well as rock and every style in between, as well as acoustic, electric, and bass guitar.
  • The best approach to learning the guitar is to cover these four vital areas of musicianship:
    1. Is the ability to sight-read music. This is similar to reading books–the better you read, the faster you will learn.
    2. Is the study of music theory, which includes the study of rhythm, timing, dynamics and interpretation.
    3. Playing music that is interesting to the student. This helps to hold the student’s interest and motivates him or her to continue practicing.
    4. The study of improvisation, which involves learning to incorporate scales to the various harmonies within a piece of music. This is also known as improvisation or soloing.
  • Beginner level instruction guitar lessons includes sight reading, open chords, timing, right-hand strums, as well as repertoire–always trying to incorporate music that the student enjoys.
  • Intermediate level guitar lessons include sight reading, scales, barre chords, fingerpicking and beginning improvisation, and expanding the repertoire.
  • Advanced level involves more intensive technical and theoretical materials, as well as repertoire.
  • Weekly 45 minute or 1 hour lessons are available. This also means the student will be practicing 45 minutes to 1 hour daily.
  • More information is available by phoning the The Music Studio between 10am and 6pm Monday through Friday at (925) 234-2036.