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About My Qualifications and Teaching Methods

I began playing the guitar at the age of 10 and the piano at the age of 13. I then continued formal studies at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. My studies included Classical Piano with Alexander Fiorillo and Classical Guitar with Peter Segal, as well as studying Theory, Harmony, Counterpoint, and Composition.

After graduation, I traveled throughout the country, performing at music festivals. After several years of professional performing I opened my own studio in Princeton, NJ where I taught music for 27 years. Many of my pupils went on to study at some of the finer music universities in the U.S., and many later pursued successful careers in pop and rock music.

The instruments that I teach are guitar and piano. Styles include Classical, Jazz, Rock, Classic Rock, Pop, Blues, Folk, and Country. But along with the study of your particular instrument, I also include the study of Theory, Improvisation, Ear-Training, and Musicianship.

Many music instructors’ lesson plans are full of songs that tend to prolong the teaching processes indefinitely. While I do teach songs, your lesson plan will be primarily based on a logical progression of information and skills which will enable you to learn quickly and understand how to apply the information and skills to all music. In effect, I don’t want you to learn one song a week…my goal is for you to be able to play thousands of songs and to understand what you are doing.

All students are taught to sight-read music and to include timing as they play.

NOTE: In addition to my many years of teaching experience with students from age 4 to 94 and my reputation in the Danville community, I have also passed the background checks required by state law for my wife’s licensed daycare business.